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GomSpace gets full constellation order from Sky and Space Global

The UK-based constellation operator Sky and Space Global has awarded a full construction contract to GomSpace for its planned 200 satellite nanosat constellation. The contract is valued at EUR€35.0 to 55.0 million over a 4 year period. The order follows …

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Greg Wyler reveals plan for a larger follow-on OneWeb constellation

Greg Wyler, founder and chairman of the OneWeb Communications, made a presentation at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London on 22 February on the technology and prospects for the firm’s planned constellation.  During his speech he also noted a plan …

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A surprise second round financing haul means OneWeb can forego a third

UK registered, US-based OneWeb announced on 19 December an unexpected end to its non-debt fundraising activities after securing US$1.2 billion. OneWeb, led by charismatic leader Greg Wyler, plans to build a low Earth orbit constellation of 648 communications satellites, plus …

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Space Industry News: Multiple non-GEO coms network proposals submitted to FCC

On 15 November 2016, the deadline passed for “additional applications” to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for the use of multiple frequencies over the US by new Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) satellite networks. These applications hope to join the likes …

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Space Industry Focus: LeoSat Enterprises

This month Tim Fuller examines LeoSat Enterprises and its prospects for operating its proposed new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communications satellite constellation.

LeoSat Enterprises, Inc. was formed in 2012 by two former Schlumberger executives Phil Marlar and Cliff Anders, who

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ANALYSIS: Isle of Man rises to fourth favourite in manned race back to the moon (Updated)

Two years ago, the space team at the Ascend consultancy (now part of Flightglobal) did an analysis on which nation was likely to be the first to return men to the moon.   In the analysis notional odds were

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“how many more blunt objects [do] we have to hit NASA…with”

The Hunstville Times isn’t giving president Barack Obama’s NASA plan a good write up with its latest article about the political reaction to the flexible path to asteroids and Mars from 2025

With the headline, NASA plan: ‘Cosmic bridge to

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Constellation: Hyperbola’s journey to nowhere

cxp augustine slide.GIF

credit: NASA / caption: plenty has been done and there is plenty more for Constellation

When this blogger saw the headline of this 30 March article by Aviation Week’s senior space editor Frank Morring it seemed that the “program of …

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Flexible path is doomed?

In that great tradition of immoveable objects encountering the unstoppable force it seems the force has won out and the object, the flexible path aka plan A, is succumbing to Congressional will

Certainly if you believe what NASAWatch thinks is …

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Human spaceflight rules within 60-days of Senator Hutchison act

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s bill for authorising human spaceflight does not differ markedly from the leaked 9 February dated bill text revealed by Hyperbola last week

The Interesting changes are the following:

  • Bolden must submit a National Space Transportation System

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Bolden should know no plan survives contact with the enemy

Former US Marine Corp Major-General Charles Bolden must by now be reflecting upon the military axiom, no plan survives contact with an enemy. In this case Bolden’s enemies are the Congressmen and women hell bent on not accepting the president …

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Burt Rutan comments on Obama NASA plan

Tweeted yesterday by Hyperbola, below is the full text of Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan’s response to Associated Press science writer Alicia Chang:

That is not a “NASA plan”; it is the proposed budget from the White House.  It

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COTS gets 60% hike in funds with total hitting $800 million plus

NASA’s first foray into private spaceflight, the commercial orbital transportation services programme, also known as COTS, has seen a 60% hike in the agency’s investment with the fiscal year 2011 budget

Originally planned to cost $500 million which the …

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UPDATE: Constellation is dead says OMB director, but for how long?

US spaceflight website has revealed that in a teleconference yesterday the US government’s Office of Management and Budgets’ director Peter Orszag and the White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer confirmed that president Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget request …

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Hyperbola NASA budget coverage

Hyperbola is and will be working east coast time to cover the NASA budget publication and reactions to it…

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Bolden to give future programs speech on 12 February

Is this going to see the big new vision annoucement?


NASA Alumni 2

The State of the Agency:

NASA Future Programs Presentation


Sponsored by the NASA Alumni League

with support from the AAS, AIAA and WIA


Friday, February 12, 2010

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Ares I is not dead: It’s NASA’s FY2010 budget request again…

As the first week of February edges closer it would seem that the fiscal year 2011 NASA budget request, which all and sundry expected to reveal the new US human spaceflight vision, will do no such thing

This re-tweeted tweet

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French govt study backs Orion Ariane 5 launch

orion a5me 2.JPG

credit: EADS Astrium / caption: Starting this year the Oriane-Ariane launch systems could be ready by 2019

NASA’s Orion crew exploration vehicle (CEV) could be launched by the latest version of Europe’s EADS Astrium Ariane 5 rocket by 2019 according …

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Hyperbola says forget flexible folly, opt for national capability

Hyperbola has come to the conclusion that the leading exploration option from Norman Augustine’s report, much reported in the press, will sacrifice workforce, skills, infrastructure and technology for a gilded future that will never be realised 

There comes a point in any under …

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Bolden gets 2h with Obama, but the new vision won’t be agreed

Well that’s a generous interpretation because based on this presidential meeting schedule provided by US newspaper Florida Today that 3.05pm to 5.15pm slot is probably more like 90min – that consumer safety commission meeting is bound to overrun

But it does prove …

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