Launching for space power, whether its solar energy or missiles

Hobbyspace has some news about Japanese involvement in the upcoming Personal Spaceflight symposium

It also has more stuff on space based solar power – where’s the Bond-esque industrialist villain I ask?

Selenian Boondocks has a welcome few thoughts about engineering …

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Hot off the eh, websites…

Hobbyspace has a link to the 17th annual symposium of the Japan-US Science, Technology & Space Applications Programme to be held 11-15 November in Hawaii and include sessions on the development of space-based solar power systems

Dry cargo for the

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So long Constellation?

The UK’s 164-year old current affairs magazine The Economist is so sure Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the 44th president of the United States in the 6 October issue it describes the presidency as hers “to lose”.

So NASA administrator

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Rocketplane Kistler loses president and gains another

Rocketplane Kistler (RpK) chairman and chief executive George French III has confirmed to Flight’s report that the company’s president Randy Brinkley, a former Boeing Satellite Systems president, has left RpK. French has told Flight that Brinkley has been replaced …

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Bright stars amongst the firmament

With one day to go before the 50th anniversary of Sputnik’s launch here is my pick of the newsy stuff from around the web…

As usual has a plethora of links to various this, that and bits and

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News bites once more in this historic Sputnik week

Catch them while they’re in your orbital plane

The LA Times has got an author and blogger Rand Simberg debating NASA for what its worth

If you have any bright ideas NASA would like to hear them about its future …

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Fifty years after Sputnik is space access for everyone still a distant dream? Part Two

Just as SpaceX is presently the clear leader in the development of new orbital transportation systems, Virgin Galactic is now the only obvious candidate for the nascent suborbital market in the next few years. Unless Jeff Bezos’ ultra secret Blue …

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