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France’s Helios 2B spysat launch cancelled

launcher tv w560.JPG

credit Flight / caption: Arianespace’s Ariane 5 GS stands on its launch pad

The launch of France’s Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite has been cancelled for today and is to be rescheduled in a few days time

The cancellation news came …

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Virgin Galactic LauncherOne designs revealed

launcherone 1.JPG

credit: Virgin Galactic / caption: why the straigth wing and v-tail?

This design for Virgin Galactic’s mini satellite launching rocket LauncherOne was shown by the company’s small satellite launch general manager Adam Baker at the 60th International Astronautical Congress in …

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60th International Astronautical Congress, Daejeon begins

iac 2009.JPG
credit: IAF/KARI

So Hyperbola has finally touched down in Daejeon in south Korea, after a scorching reentry from the Oort cloud, or was that just the effect of the Korean spicy Kimchi pickle and the even more spicy red pepper …

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Hyperbola launching to Oort cloud, returning via Daejeon, Korea

Hyperbola is launching to the Oort cloud for a week’s R&R from today and will be returning via Daejeon, Korea from the 12 October. In Daejeon Hyperbola will be blogging from the International Astronautical Congress, where the world’s space community meets. …

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Flightglobal media lounge lands at Paris air show

flightglobal media lounge.JPG

It is a bright and sunny Saturday (13 June) morning here in le Bourget, France where preparations continue for the 100th Paris air show that will see a whole of lot of aeronautics stuff and plenty of European spaceflight industry and agency activity to …

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CONTRACTWATCH: Arianespace to launch Alphasat

Arianespace says: Inmarsat has chosen Arianespace to launch its new Alphasat I-XL communications satellite. The contract follows a partnership agreement between Inmarsat and the European Space Agency for commercialisation of the first mission to use the new European platform, Alphabus

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CONTRACT WATCH: Lockheed Martin to build JCSAT-13 satellite

NEWTOWN, Pa., April 16th, 2009 — Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SKY Perfect JSAT) of Japan to build its next geostationary communications satellite. Designated JCSAT-13, the satellite will be …

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ESA’s GOCE launch delayed to tomorrow, halted at 7s

goce launch.jpg

credit ESA / caption: ESA’s gravity mission GOCE sits atop this Rockot booster

The European Space Agency mission GOCE was held at 7s and will be delayed until tomorrow

Review the countdown here at ESA’s twitter page and follow the …

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Has ESA’s Tomorrow’s Bird flown the coop?

ariane 5 launch 2008.jpg

credit ESA / caption: an Arianespace Ariane 5 launches the Superbird-7 and AMC-21 satellites

Why is the Tomorrow’s Bird study report so delayed? Is it because its conclusions won’t support other European hopes for spaceflight that require a more powerful version …

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Does 2010 loom for maiden French Guiana Soyuz launch?

soyuz in csg.JPG

credit CNES

Already delayed from 2008 to 2009 the European Space Agency (ESA) seems to be preparing for a possible delay into 2010 for the introduction of Arianespace/Starsem French Guiana Space Centre (CSG) operations of the Samara Space Centre Soyuz 2-1a

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2009: Constellation’s cancellation or a credit crunched tourism industry?


credit Flight / caption: Will he stay or will he go?

While the blogosphere has been twirling to the rumour mill of Obama inspired military NASA reports (alternate universe stuff as far as Hyperbola is concened) and alleged campaigns in …

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Hyperbola’s Russian roundup

Baikonur Proton Dec 08.jpg

credit: Federal Space Agency

Assembly of a Khrunichev Space Center Proton-M rocket took place at Baikonur cosmodrome today. It was mated with its DM upper stage and its three Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS)-M satellites covered by the fairing. A …

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EXCLUSIVE: Virgin Galactic unveils LauncherOne name!

AirLaunch Quickreach Test.jpg

credit: Airlaunch LLC / caption: Virgin Galactic cites parachute re-orientation as an air launch method

Following Flightglobal’s exclusive regarding Virgin Galactic’s discussions with potential developers of an unmanned satellite booster that could be air launched from the mothership WhiteKnightTwo, its president …

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IAC 2008: Video of France’s air launched Aldebaran rocket


credit: Dassault Aviation

Since the end of 2004, under a CNES contract, Dassault Aviation, Snecma Moteurs, Snecma Propulsion Solide and SNPE Matériaux Énergétiques are studying a new Airborne Micro-Launcher (MLA) carried by a Rafale multirole fighter. The concept is candidate for …

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Hooray for coming second!

So last Thursday, the 31st January, was the 50th anniversary of the US coming second in the race to space and according to this some people want to recreate the other space event American came second in, putting a man …

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DARPA’s SUMO – the future of anti-satellite weapons

January 2007 saw the Chinese shoot down one of their own satellites at an altitude of about 800km (496miles) resulting in an international outcry and a lot of debris

We hear that the Russians and the Americans both tested ASAT …

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Far from the warmth of the Sun

Aviation Week is reporting Chang’e-1 is going to get very cold and without sunlight for a long 5.5h soon, suggesting the Chinese might not see much more of their lunar explorer

While the South Koreans have apparently already lost contact

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Anti-gravity and all that easy stuff

Chairforce Engineer is laying down the law when it comes to what he thinks needs to be done to open up space to the masses and apparently it involves achieving minor successes such as developing anti-gravity – easy when you …

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Asian lunar love-in

So far, so good for China’s Chang’e 1 lunar orbiter as the sort-of-communist country prepares to switch on the spacecraft’s instruments to start scanning the Earth’s only natural satellite.

A good demonstration of China’s growing competence in space systems the …

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Asian lunar space race!!

Chinese state media is reporting all is go for its Chang’e 1 probe, while Japan’s Kaguya/Selene spacecraft is also readying itself for lunar probing

China’s state media is also reporting that seven Chinese citizens have booked flights with Virgin Galactic

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