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How did gliders help win D-Day battle and will they ever fly on Mars?

Every now and then interplanetary missions have been proposed which are both exciting and innovative and yet, regretfully, still do not make the cut for funding.  One of these was an ambitious plan to fly a rocket-boosted glider on Mars.  …

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Ares I is not dead, it’s just a test flight zombie

Florida Today’s interview with the state’s Senator Bill Nelson and other politicians seems to have uncovered the core of what the new US human spaceflight vision will likely be

It sounds a bit like the Review of US human space

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Hyperbola says forget flexible folly, opt for national capability

Hyperbola has come to the conclusion that the leading exploration option from Norman Augustine’s report, much reported in the press, will sacrifice workforce, skills, infrastructure and technology for a gilded future that will never be realised 

There comes a point in any under …

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Will Ares be part of the flexible path?

No, not that Ares but the Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Surveyor, a 6.71m (22ft) wingspan aircraft that would fly through the Martian atmosphere to study its surface chemistry  

credit: NASA / caption: This is a NASA Destination Tomorrow Techwatch video

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Shuttle derived still hanging in there, ET tooling move delayed

Despite the recent publicity about more Ares V variants being the subject of NASA studies a little bit of good news for the Shuttle derived heavy lift crowd eeked out this week in the latest edition of Johnson Space Center’s …

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NASA: Ares V cargo launch vehicle contracts imminent

Ares V launch.jpg

credit NASA / caption: the design support contract awards are still imminent

NASA’s Ares V cargo launch vehicle design support contracts were supposed to be awarded in the first week of April. NASA has its fiscal year 2009 budget, …

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VIDEO: John Carmack talks testing NASA’s J-2X engine igniter

In this video Armadillo Aerospace founder John Carmack speaks to Hyperbola about helping NASA test its Ares I crew launch vehicle upper stage J-2X engine’s igniter, a rocket data “app” for an iphone, what happened to the Rocket Racing, New

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Ares’ future: What does ITT know?

ITT SF NSS advertW560.JPG

credit ITT/Space Foundation / caption: What does ITT know?

What does ITT know? Is Ares I crew launch vehicle going to get solid rocket boosters? I am guessing that this is an Exploration Systems Architecture Study trade space reject – …

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ATK delays Ares first stage rocket motor test by up to 6 months

NASA’s first Ares I crew launch vehicle (CLV) five-segment solid rocket motor (SRM) firing test has been delayed by up to six-months from 2 April to September at the latest or August

Ares I uses an SRM for its first …

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PICTURE: Ares I crew launch vehicle mobile launcher takes form

ares ml 1024.jpg

credit NASA / caption: Ares’ mobile launcher comes together

Enjoy this picture of the Ares I crew launch vehicle’s mobile launcher (ML), more can be seen here at Kennedy Space Center’s online image gallery

For scale check out the lime green …

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NASA cancels Ares I electric thrust vector control study

ema schematic.JPG

credit:NASA / caption: Originally designed in 1993 the electromechanical thrust vector control remains on the shelf

It didn’t last that long and this procurement, which Hyperbola has had a peculiar interest in, had the potential to deliver mass reductions …

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Orion’s heat shield: it’s decision time

Thumbnail image for Orion in orbit.jpg

credit Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield has become a very tall tent pole in the Orion tent, so to speak

In the next few weeks NASA is to announce its selection for the heat shield material for the Orion …

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What next for Ares I-X?

Ares I X poster.jpg
credit NASA / caption: when will we see Ares I-X lift off?

The 11 February edition of the NASA Ares I-X newsletter Blast gives a timetable for activities over the next 90-days for the Constellation programme’s first test flight. Go …

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NASA blogs Ares I staging risk response

Ares Staging.JPG

credit NASA / click on this image to see a larger version in the same browser window

I never got an answer from NASA to my questions about the schedule, cost, performance and other impacts of the Ares I crew

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And NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is now….

new altairW445.JPG

credit NASA / caption: will LDAC-3 look anything like this?

The third Lander Design Analysis Cycle (LDAC) for NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is expected to finish next month (March). After publishing an Apollo lunar module and Constellation programme Altair LDAC-2

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NASA’s Ares I-X blog

Ares I X poster.jpg

credit NASA

Whether or not the imminent changes at NASA spell the end of Ares I-X NASA has started its very own Ares I-X blog and here you can watch another movie all about the test flight and its possible …

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NASA orders Ares I launch patform damper arm

damper arm.JPG

credit NASA

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has decided it wants a damper arm for its Ares rockets’ mobile launch platform

The Ares I crew launch vehicle, being so long and thin, has been expected to need such a device because …

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More NASA Ares V cargo launch vehicle information

Ares V windtunnel.jpg

credit: NASA

Find in the extended section of this blog post my notes from reading through NASA’s Ares V cargo launch vehicle procurement documentation. The notes are the over matter from the news analysis I wrote this week and the supporting timeline

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The Hyperbola poll: What next for NASA?

Soon to be a regular feature of Hyperbola, OK, well when I feel like it 

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NASA denies imminent Ares I first-stage oxidiser change

Ares STSW445.jpg

credit: NASA/Flight

Following on from this blog and this story Hyperbola has received more responses from NASA and the US government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the issue of perchlorate

Just to recap the EPA has been rethinking the issue of

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