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Musk plans a stock offering for SpaceX after successful IPOs in his other firms

Elon Musk, the billionaire Internet, clean energy and rocket entrepreneur who made his initial fortunes in the internet business, most noticeably via his interest in the sale of the Paypal business, has just added to his wealth via the public sale of the solar …

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Opinion: Super-competitive SpaceX might soon have to turn business away if it does not get its flight rate up

There were yet more launch contract “wins” for SpaceX as it secured two launch orders for the US Air Force,  the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) in 2014 and the Space Test Program-2 (STP-2) in 2015, under a US Air Force Orbital/Suborbital Program-3 (OSP-3) …

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Sea Launch to act as back up launch service for Asiasat

While the Falcon 9 launch vehicle of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) is repidly becoming the commercial launch vehicle of choice due to its low price (though Arianespace remains market leader), satellite operators are still wary of Falcon 9 launch schedule delays.  As …

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Opinion: ESA has chosen badly with respect to its launch vehicle development

At the recent European Space Agency ministerial meeting in Naples, Italy, the agency really had three choices with respect to its launch vehicle development:  it could built the Ariane 5 ME (Mid-Life Evolution) which might buy a little more time for …

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Musk goes for methane-burning reusable rockets as step to colonise Mars

While speaking at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London in November, the billionaire former Paypal Internet executive, Tesla electric car entrepreneur, and current Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) CEO and self-taught lead rocket engineer, Elon Musk, described his plan to enable a self-sustaining human

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Film footage shows Falcon 9 Merlin engine “letting go”

Slow motion film footage released by Space X (Space Exploration Technologies) appears to show the Merlin 1c engine “letting go” emitting hot gases and eventualy causing debris to fall away.   SpaceX notes that the engine stayed intact and the debris was …

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SpaceX gets three more launch orders from SES

Launch provider Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and the commericial satellite operator SES announced an agreement on 12 September for the launch of three additional SES satellites on Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy rockets. This launch agreement – concluded through SES’ affiliate company SES-SL – adds …

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FARNBOROUGH: UK is seen as teacher in space growth quest as Roscosmos gets advice from SpaceX

The Minister of State for Universities and Science, the Rt Hon David Willetts MP used the Farnborough International Air Show to announce the new ‘Civil Space Strategy’ setting out the direction for the UK space sector over the next four

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Comment: Space X Merlin 1D is not quite the “most efficient” rocket engine ever

On the successful firing of its Merlin 1D engine, Space Exploration Technologies, with more than a note of self congratulation, states that the “enhanced design makes the Merlin 1D the most efficient booster engine ever built” further noting that it has “a …

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Credit where it is due: Elon Musk’s SpaceX may dominate across all launch fronts

Spacex falcon 9.jpg

Falcon 9 Heavy will have 27 rocket engines firing at lift off. Courtesy: SpaceX

Flushed with success after its Falcon 9/Dragon launch to the International Space Station,  the Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) firm which was set up by former internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, has announced …

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Is the full Orion crew exploration vehicle programme back on?

The Orion crew exploration vehicle looks set to return not only as an escape capsule but also as a beyond low Earth orbit spacecraft according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden

In today’s Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing Bolden said that Orion would become a

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Lockheed, ATK announce Falcon 1 competitor

Lockheed Martin and Alliant Techsystems have announced a partnership for providing from 2012 a new ‘C’ version of the Athena rocket using ATK’s Castor 30 solid rocket motor and new electronics. Its low Earth orbit payload capability is about 1,700kg …

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Senator Nelson hearing shows they know they don’t know

If anything certain emerged out of the US Senate hearing (go here for archived webcast) yesterday it was that no one really knows how long any space transportation programme will take or how expensive it will be

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) president

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VIDEO: SpaceX 13 March Falcon 9 Merlin engines test firing

Care of Spacearium here are two videos of the 13 March Space Exporation Technologies’ Falcon 9 Merlin engines test firing

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Flightglobal achievement awards 2010 are go!

The annual search for the most admired individuals in aviation and aerospace is underway again with the Flightglobal achievement awards 2010

Make your nominations for the year’s aviation and aerospace leader, aviator, innovator and the individual you think is worthy of the lifetime …

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Bolden should know no plan survives contact with the enemy

Former US Marine Corp Major-General Charles Bolden must by now be reflecting upon the military axiom, no plan survives contact with an enemy. In this case Bolden’s enemies are the Congressmen and women hell bent on not accepting the president …

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VIDEO: SpaceX Falcon 9 roll out

Care of Space Fellowship here is the Space Exploration Technologies time lapse videos of the roll out and erection of its Falcon 9 flight one vehicle scheduled for launch from Cape Canaveral in the next couple of months 

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COTS gets 60% hike in funds with total hitting $800 million plus

NASA’s first foray into private spaceflight, the commercial orbital transportation services programme, also known as COTS, has seen a 60% hike in the agency’s investment with the fiscal year 2011 budget

Originally planned to cost $500 million which the …

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Commercial Spaceflight Federation responds to ASAP

Following Space Exploration Technologies’ Elon Musk’s salvo the Commercial Spaceflight Federation has also responded to the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel comments on commercial launch providers:

Since the ASAP correctly points out that NASA has not yet developed standards and

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What could Norman Augustine’s mystery booster be?

Much has been made of the support Norman Augustine’s committee has given to commercial spaceflight but what hasn’t been talked about is the mystery booster

In the full Review of US human spaceflight plans report it separates the booster from …

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