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President Obama – The Verdict: Better than his predecessor but weak on Syria and Space

It is, of course, posterity that gets the final say on whether a U.S. President was any good or not, but as he leaves office we can, at least, make a preliminary comparison of President Barack Obama’s record against that …

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Constellation: Hyperbola’s journey to nowhere

cxp augustine slide.GIF

credit: NASA / caption: plenty has been done and there is plenty more for Constellation

When this blogger saw the headline of this 30 March article by Aviation Week’s senior space editor Frank Morring it seemed that the “program of …

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VIDEO: Obama Kennedy Space Center visit media coverage

Watch part of president Barack Obama’s speech in the video above. For the second and third parts of this speech go here and here. For more coverage of Obama’s visit to Kennedy Space Center yesterday see below and in …

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PICTURE: Lockheed reveals Orion heat shield progress

lockheed orion heat shield 10310.jpg
credit: Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield is 5m (15ft) in diameter

Hyperbola didn’t get its interview with Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ human spaceflight vice president in the end and now the company has released information (see below) about its progress

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Space station docking standards are so popular this season!

·      Below is NASA’s answer to Hyperbola’s question about multiple efforts for docking systems that seemed to be springing up everywhere

As well as progress with the Orion crew exploration vehicle’s LIDS NASA has informed Hyperbola that $15 million is …

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ISS extension will be big news for FY2010 budget

fy2009 iss ops.JPG

credit NASA / caption: NASA’s FY2009 budget shows ISS operations ending in 2016

Hyperbola has learned that the fiscal year 2010 NASA budget is expected to contain an intention to operate the US portion of the International Space Station (ISS) …

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NASA’s alternate Orion launch abort MLAS test now late May

A press release about NASA’s Maximum Launch Abort System test launch can be expected in the next two weeks. Originally scheduled for a 14-month development period and a September 2008 launch test, that was put back to no earlier than

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NASA: Orion to get Apollo command module style balloons

Apollo 11 recovery.jpg
credit NASA / caption: 24 July 1969, the Apollo 11 command module up righting balloons can be clearly seen

It looks like NASA’s Orion crew exploration vehicle is going to have even more similarities with the space agency’s Apollo command module

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NASA’s Orion gets its heat shield, at last

NASA announced yesterday that the reformulation of the Apollo programme’s Avcoat has been selected for its Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)

Flight predicted this in its 10 March article about the heat shield when an announcement was expected that month. Instead …

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Orion’s heat shield: it’s decision time

Thumbnail image for Orion in orbit.jpg

credit Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield has become a very tall tent pole in the Orion tent, so to speak

In the next few weeks NASA is to announce its selection for the heat shield material for the Orion …

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Will vibration force astronauts to use handheld units to control Orion?

altair orion docking cev povW445.JPG

credit NASA /caption: Orion’s pilots guide the craft towards an Altair lunar lander docking

From 1 May NASA is to start a three-year human machine interface research and development study for defining the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle’s (CEV) cockpit layout …

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OFFICIAL: 2016 launch of pure-Russian ACTS


credit Energia / caption: First seen at Farnborough air show 2008, will this design change?

A prime contractor is to be picked for Russia’s Advanced Crew Transportation System (ACTS) following a meeting of the Russian Federal Space Agency’s (Roscosmo) scientific and …

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The new X-38/CRV: SpaceX’s Dragon?


credit Space Exploration Technologies

For those of you who didn’t spot it in my colleague John Croft’s NASA commercial resupply services (CRS) analysis Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has apparently started a study for NASA on how to send to the International …

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The Hyperbola poll: What next for NASA?

Soon to be a regular feature of Hyperbola, OK, well when I feel like it 

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Hyperbola’s Vision for Space Exploration – part 2A – Lunar science

ESA Moonbase.jpg

credit: ESA

Back in August (how time flies!) I began to set out Hyperbola’s architecture for exploration and with the Obama NASA transition team now questioning the agency’s officials I better get on with these postings before I’m over taken …

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PICTURES: Orion parachute drop test vehicle

NASA chute test 250708.jpg

credit: NASA

Get a closer view of this Orion parachute drop test vehicle in the extended portion of this blog care of one John Gourley

click on all the images in this blog post to see larger versions in the same browser

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VIDEO: NASA industry day September 2008

ares collageW445.jpg

credit: NASA

Thanks to Hyperbola reader Dwayne Day you can watch a 3h Lunar Exploration industry briefing day video with presentations by the leadership of NASA’s Constellation programme, its manager Jeffrey Hanley, its Ares project office manager Steve Cook, its …

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VIDEO: Technology choices forced Orion 10-month PDR delay

Orion in orbit.jpg

credit: Lockheed Martin / caption: Orion’s PDR is now mid-2009 instead of November 2008

Speaking at the 3rd International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) conference in Rome two of Lockheed Martin’s Orion team members, Michael Saemisch and …

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LIVE BLOGGING: AIAA SPACE 2008 Orion LAS programme

Thursday 10 September

Perish Parikh
Orion LAS programme

developing three completely new rocket motors with new technology

attitude control motor
jettison motor
abort motor…

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Orion CEV: Who says engineering can’t be fun?

aft bay.JPG

Credit: NASA

Lockheed Martin’s Orion project team recently assembled a full-scale low fidelity Orion crew exploration vehicle module aft bay, subsystems mock-up in Johnson Space Center’s space vehicle mockup facility, also known as building nine…

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