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Long March 3B successfully launches comsat for China

At 1518 GMT on 5 January 2017, a Long March 3B/G2 rocket took off from the Xichang launch site in China. Aboard was a mysterious satellite called TJS-2. The satellite was placed into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) on its …

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China launches carbon dioxide monitoring satellite

A Long March 2D/2 rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China, at 1522 GMT, 21 December. The mission’s primary payload was the TANSAT, atmospheric carbon dioxide-monitoring minisatellite. Along with TANSAT there were reportedly three other payloads on-board, …

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Two Chinese taikonauts return home safely after 30-day stay in orbit

The Shenzhou 11 Descent Module landed in the Inner Mongolia territory, in Northern China, at 0559 GMT on 18 November. The two taikonauts inside, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, were found to be in good health having already opened the …

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China receives plaudits for maiden launch of its new Long March 5 rocket – but upper stage is then revealed as debris hazard

At 1243 GMT, on 2 November 2016, China carried out the maiden launch of the new Long March 5 (CZ-5), heavy-lift rocket, which has been under development by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) since 2001. The launch …

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Two taikonauts launched on way to Tiangong 2 mini-space station docking

At 2330 GMT on 16 October, two Taikonauts – three-time space-flier Jing Haipeng and space new boy Chen Dong – were launched into orbit aboard the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft by a Long March 2F/H (CZ-2F/H) rocket. The lift-off took place …

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China launches Tiangong-2 Spacelab module as precursor to full-sized space station

China has launched the Tiangong-2 “man tended” spacelab/mini-space station as a forerunner for its planned full-sized space station. The Long March 2F/T2 (CZ-2F/T2) launch of the mini-space station module took place at 14:04 GMT on 15 September 2016, from the …

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Spacecom set to be bought by Chinese conglomerate for US$285m

On 24 August, the major shareholders of the Israeli Fixed Service Satellite (FSS) operator, Spacecom (Space Communications), announced that they had agreed a deal that would see the company bought by Beijing Xinwei Technology Group, a large conglomerate based in …

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China launches Yaogan 29 using Long March 4C rocket

The People’s Republic of China has launched its Yaogan 29 spacecraft officially described as being designed for the purposes of “experiments, land survey, crop yield assessment, and disaster monitoring.”  The launch by a Long March 4C rocket took place on …

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On a lighter note: Pentagon sheepishly admits to using Chinese satellite (updated)

As China flexes its financial,military and political might and continues to make border and island incursions into the disputed terrotories held by its neighbours (India, Vietnam, Japan. Philippines, Taiwan etc), fears remain that China may one day resort to full …

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Opinion: It is déjà vu with space ITAR as US unwinds yet another counterproductive security policy

President Barack Obama has signed a law that, for most countries, takes US-made satellite technology and information off the list defining it as a munition subject to draconian International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that control the export and import

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Chinese naval tracking satellites are launched by a Long March 4C

A Chinese Yaogan 16 satelltie and two sub-satellites which are assessed to be a constellation of three satellites conducting an Electronic Intelligence mission with a possible Naval Ocean Surveillance capability, were launched via a Long March 4C on 25 November, at 0406 GMT from the …

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China successfully launches Beidou 2-G6 (Compass G6) navigation satellite with a low perigee transfer (Corrected)

The Chinese navigation satellite, Beidou 2-G6 (Compass G6), was launched into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) on its way to its Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) position by a Long March 3C rocket flying out of the Xichang launch site. The satellite later …

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Chinese data relay satellite TianLian-1C is launched successfully on a Long March 3C

At 1545 on 25 July, the Chinese data relay communications satellite TianLian-1C has been launched on its way to geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) by a Long March 3C (CZ-3C) launch vehicle flying out of Xichang.   The TianLian satellites are viewed by western space …

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Shenzhou 9 undocks safely

The Chinese manned spacecraft Shenzhou 9 has undocked from the Tiangong 1 mini-space station/laboratory. With its two man and one woman crew aboard, and hatches closed, the spacecraft made a manual undocking at 0122 GMT on 28 June.   The crew and spacecraft …

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China launches Yaogan 14 reconnaissance sat along with TT-1 small military science sat

China has launched the Yaogan 14 electro-optical military reconnaissance satellite into a near-polar sun- synchronous low Earth orbit on 10 May.   The launch took place at 0706 GMT, lifting off from the Taiyuan launch site.  The flight used a Long March 4B launch vehicle.   

Being launched with Yaogan 14 …

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News bites return! 30 March 2010

Is it just this blog or is there just not much going on out there at the moment? Maybe it is the Christian festival of Easter that is slowing things down with all that related time off work?

But for …

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Chinese space tourism, Tiangong delayed

Res Communis has reported on a presentation on prospects for space tourism in China by a Ms. Xu Si from the Beijing Institute of Technology – very probably an institution heavily involved in the space programme

I wrote for Flightglobal back in …

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China space programme exhibit in UK’s Manchester city

The Manchester, UK based-Museum of Science & Industry has teamed with the University of Manchester to exhibit a history of China’s aerospace development including that country’s space programme. Its press release says:

“[The University of Manchester] has worked with

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Planet Earth news bites December 2009!

Its time again for a whirlwind roundup of various news items from around the internet beginning with Space News’ Galileo satellite navigation system scoop

Hyperbola hears that the actual announcement on who won what will be made on or around …

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PICTURES: Tiangong model, cargo spacecraft, station in-orbit assembly

credit Flight / caption: Are we looking at the future shape of China’s unmanned cargo resupply spacecraft?

This 1:10 scale model of China’s manned space engineering programme’s Tiangong spacelab docked to a Shenzhou spacecraft was exhibited at the 60th International

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