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FARNBOROUGH: Olympics will be boost to satellite television services and makes Thales Starstreak II missile famous already

While satellite and television companies are looking forward to the mini-windfall in revenues that the Olympic games will bring (satellite transponder leasing rates, advertising revenues etc) others have more pressing issues on their minds.   Currently the British Army is concerned

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FARNBOROUGH: LauncherOne detail scarce but Sir Richard Branson’s space family steals show anyway


Farnborough 2012 was characterised by shower clouds, air displays (the A380 is flying) and Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.  Courtesy: Flightglobal/David Todd

Despite displays by and order annoucements for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, the Farnborough International Air Show was stolen yesterday.  The perpetrator

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Official Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo captive carry flight video

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VIDEO: WhiteKnight Two-SpaceShipTwo take-off and landing

Congrats to the “Gupmyster” on his video of the WhiteKnight Two-SpaceShipTwo first captive carry flight take-off and landing. You could have earned yourself some cash if you’d sold it to us Gupmyster!…

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: WhiteKnight Two-SpaceShipTwo pass over Mojave

Watch this 22s video of Virgin Galactic’s first SpaceShipTwo (SS2) captive carry flight on 22 March 2010 as the WhiteKnight Twi, SS2 vehicles pass over Mojave…

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VIDEO: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo unveil

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France’s Helios 2B spysat launch cancelled

launcher tv w560.JPG

credit Flight / caption: Arianespace’s Ariane 5 GS stands on its launch pad

The launch of France’s Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite has been cancelled for today and is to be rescheduled in a few days time

The cancellation news came …

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PICTURES: SpaceShipTwo unveil ceremony

In this blog post will be a series of images from the unveiling ceremony and party for SpaceShipTwo on 7 December 2009 at Mojave air and spaceport

click on any of the pictures in this blog post to see larger

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VIDEO: Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo “Enterprise”

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All the pictures: Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo “Enterprise”

all images credited to Virgin Galactic – click on any to see a larger version in the same browser window

ss2-and-vms-eve-preview9 b.jpg

ss2-and-vms-eve-preview4 b.jpg

ss2-and-vms-eve-preview2 b.jpg

ss2-and-vms-eve2 b.jpg

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PICTURES: Virgin Galactic releases SpaceShipTwo images

ss2 in hangar2.jpg
credit Virgin Galactic / caption: unveiled at last

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle attached to its carrier aircraft WhiteKnight Two in its hangar at Mojave. Go here for more images

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Next week Hyperbola will be in South America

Expect blogs with photos and video next week while Hyperbola is in French Guiana for the Arianespace Ariane 5 GS launch of the EADS Astrium built Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite. Hopefully those photos and videos will include the new Samara …

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Virgin Galactic LauncherOne designs revealed

launcherone 1.JPG

credit: Virgin Galactic / caption: why the straigth wing and v-tail?

This design for Virgin Galactic’s mini satellite launching rocket LauncherOne was shown by the company’s small satellite launch general manager Adam Baker at the 60th International Astronautical Congress in …

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VIDEO: #iac2009 Civilian access to space session

Watch this video of the Internatonal Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea where Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn, Sierra Nevada vice president Mark Sirangelo, the FAA’s head of commercial space transportation George Nield and New Mexico space grant consortium director Pat …

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Follow Hyperbola on twitter and watch news break

Don’t forget you can follow Hyperbola on twitter @flighthyperbola and get sneak previews of flightglobal.com stories to come, breaking news facts and figures and see how events unfold through pictures from the very occasion Hyperbola is reporting from. How much …

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Branson told CNN: No $200,000, no seat on SpaceShipTwo

I had heard a rumour that Virgin Galactic had approached Cable News Network, aka CNN, and offered them a seat, exclusively, a one time offer to a global news organisation for a ride on SpaceShip Two; and it sort of made sense …

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VIDEO: Virgin Galactic official WK2 roll out & Hyperbola’s

Above is Virgin Galactic’s official 28 July 2008 WhiteKnight Two roll out video that has recently been posted to its website and below is the original Hyperbola video posted to flightglobal.com on the day last year

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Virgin Galactic test flight press release



WhiteKnightTwo launch vehicle for SpaceShipTwo heralds a new era in aerospace fuel efficiency, performance and

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New official Virgin Galactic WhiteKnight Two in-flight images

vms eve flight one.jpg
credit Virgin Galactic / caption: VMS Eve flies for first time

See more official Virgin Galactic WhiteKnight Two in-flight images here

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PICTURES: Third WK2 flight details and VMS Eve picture embargo info

Expect the first images of the third WhiteKnight Two test flight tomorrow, they should be available on the Virgin Galactic website after noon

Hyperbola has been told that the WhiteKnight Two prototype Virgin MotherShip Eve’s third flight was to 18,000ft, it lasted …

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