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PICTURE: Orbital Sciences’ releases Taurus II launch pad concept

orbital wallops launch site.JPG
credit: Orbtial / caption:

Orbital Sciences released the latest concept image of its Taurus II rocket launch site (being built at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility aka the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport) during its presentation at the Space Foundation’s 26th National Space …

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Will UK space agency announcement see £20 million for industry?

Hyperbola is guessing that the reformed British National Space Centre that is getting no more money and has the pleasure of being based in Swindon is to be called UK Space Agency and not the James Bond-like Her Majesty’s

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VIDEO: 23rd ISS Expedition crew prepares for Soyuz TMA-18 launch


Russia Today reports about the International Space Station’s 23rd Expedition crew’s prepare for April Soyuz TMA-18 launch to the outpost

Meanwhile European Space Agency director-general Jean-Jacques Dordain spoke at the 9 February NASA Project Management Challenge 2010 Event …

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Two steps forward, one step back for India and China

India’s test of a new rocket engine had to be stopped early according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) while Aviation Week’s Beijing correspondent Bradley Perrett scores a scoop with Chinese Moon rocket planning

Talking to the Chinese in October

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VIDEO: SpaceX Falcon 9 roll out

Care of Space Fellowship here is the Space Exploration Technologies time lapse videos of the roll out and erection of its Falcon 9 flight one vehicle scheduled for launch from Cape Canaveral in the next couple of months 

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VIDEO: NASA chief Charlie Bolden 6 February press conf

UPDATE: Go through to the extended portion of this blog post to see a video of Bolden speaking about the end of the Constellation programme and other issues at the Johnson Space Center care of the Galveston Chronicle…

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Next week Hyperbola will be in South America

Expect blogs with photos and video next week while Hyperbola is in French Guiana for the Arianespace Ariane 5 GS launch of the EADS Astrium built Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite. Hopefully those photos and videos will include the new Samara …

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VIDEO: Bolden is a Buck Roger’s kid

Care of Roscomos tv NASA administrator Charles Bolden is interviewed while in Baikonur for the launch of Soyuz TMA-16 and the former US Marine Corp aviator reveals that he was a Buck Roger’s kid, but perhaps not this Buck Rogers. Find …

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VIDEO: NASA’s Bolden in Baikonur with groovy soundtrack

Hyperbola wonders if the personal musical tastes of the respective agencies’ heads influenced the music that accompanies this 6min 42s Roscosmos tv video but it starts out with what sounds like traditional Kazahk music and segways into a cover of …

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Avio: Vega’s motors qualify but maiden launch slips to 2010


credit Avio / caption how far is the slip into 2010? 

The qualification and certification phase for the three solid propellant engines for Vega has been passed with flying colours, says Avio’s press release, but it also gives 2010 as …

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LAUNCHWATCH: ESA sets 14 May for Herschel and Planck

Now that additional checks on the EADS Astrium Ariane 5 ECA launcher have been completed, launch provider Arianespace and the European Space Agency have set the launch date of Herschel and Planck for Thursday 14 May, says ESA in its latest

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PICTURES: Sicral 1B launch


credit Italian Ministry of Defence

View from Sea Launch Commander of Sicral 1B launch, picture courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Defense. Launched today at 09:16h GMT by a Zenit-3SL rocket operating from the Sea Launch platform, positioned at the …

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LAUNCHWATCH: Successful launch of Italian satellite SICRAL 1B

Cannes, April 20, 2009 – The SICRAL 1B satellite, on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Defense, has been successfully launched today at 10.16 am (CET) by a Zenit-3SL rocket operating from the Sea Launch platform, positioned at the equator

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CONTRACT WATCH: Arianespace to launch Japanese JCSAT-13

Japanese operator SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation has chosen Arianespace to launch its new JCSAT-13 communications satellite.  This new contract is the 7th contract signed in 2009 by Arianespace with the major satellite operators.


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CONTRACT WATCH: Lockheed Martin to build JCSAT-13 satellite

NEWTOWN, Pa., April 16th, 2009 — Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SKY Perfect JSAT) of Japan to build its next geostationary communications satellite. Designated JCSAT-13, the satellite will be …

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ESA’s Herschel & Planck: lift-off scheduled for 6 May

The European Space Agency’s Herschel and Planck space telescopes are now to be launched by Arianespace EADS Astrium Ariane 5 on Wednesday 6 May

The European launch provider made the announcement today. The launch had been delayed  a number of times before, …

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ESA’s Herschel and Planck launch postponed

The European Space Agency is to shortly announce a delay to the launch of its Herschel and Planck space telescopes

Already delayed to the 14 April and then to the 16th ESA says that this latest delay is “a

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VIDEO: China state tv gives North Korean sat launch details

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Space Shuttle launch unlikely to be Sunday

external tank H2 vent line.jpg

credit NASA tv / caption: the hydrogen vent line connects to the external tank for space shuttle Discovery

NASA has set the launch date for space shuttle Discovery’s mission STS-119 as no earlier than this Sunday but only what NASA engineers …

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Biodiesel rocket flight planned for 7 March


credit Flometrics / caption: the vernier rocket engine was fired for 6s in January 2009 

Flometrics’ Steve Harrington is planning to test fly his biodiesel rocket this Saturday. A successful static firing test of a vernier rocket engine using

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