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PICTURE: Lockheed reveals Orion heat shield progress

lockheed orion heat shield 10310.jpg
credit: Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield is 5m (15ft) in diameter

Hyperbola didn’t get its interview with Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ human spaceflight vice president in the end and now the company has released information (see below) about its progress

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That Burt Rutan memo to Congressman Wolf in full

Burt Rutan has given Hyperbola permission to print in full the original memo the founder of Scaled Composites sent to Congressman Frank Wolf that was the basis for the Wall Street Journal article that has sparked so much comment including from Rutan himself. …

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WEBCAST: Watch Next-Generation Suborbital Conference here #nsrc

Free video streaming by Ustream
Thanks to U-Stream and whomever SpaceRef which is organising this video stream you can watch the Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference here at Hyperbola

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VIDEO: CNES interactive 3D Earth touch screen

Impressive 3D Earth on touch screen from Tharsis-Software on Vimeo.…

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Hyperbola returns to the Oort cloud for the festive season

Hyperbola will be returning to the Oort cloud for the festive season from now and will be flying by the blogosphere again from Monday 4 January 2010…

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Follow Hyperbola on Flightglobal and twitter with iphone app

You can now access Hyperbola blog postings and tweets via your iphone with Flightglobal’s new app along with the latest and breaking news stories

And if you really really like what you find you can even forward links to your friends via …

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Hyperbola off to the Oort cloud

This week Hyperbola is off to the Oort cloud again for some R&R but will return with a fiery re-entry on Monday 16 November…

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Hyperbola lands in Manchester: European air and space 2009

This week Hyperbola will be reporting from the European air and space conference 2009 being held in the UK city of Manchester

Organised by the Council of European Aerospace Societies the conference has presentations on satellite servicing robotics, space debris, Mars …

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Follow Hyperbola on twitter and watch news break

Don’t forget you can follow Hyperbola on twitter @flighthyperbola and get sneak previews of flightglobal.com stories to come, breaking news facts and figures and see how events unfold through pictures from the very occasion Hyperbola is reporting from. How much …

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Reusable Altair: NASAWatch gets first powerpoints

altair descent stage ascendsW445.JPG

credit NASA/Flight / caption: NASAWatch’s reusable lander presentation looks nothing like Altair 

Back in February NASA’s head of its Altair lunar lander project office Kathy Laurini spoke to Flight about the agency’s ideas for a reusable or recycleable lander. A few …

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CONTRACT WATCH: A new feature of Hyperbola

From now on Hyperbola will be posting contract announcements with either the entire press release text in the post or just the first paragraph with a hypertext link to the webpage that has the complete statement. All of Hyperbola’s postings …

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VIDEO: Watch Hyperbola’s videos on your cell phone

Find out how to watch Hyperbola’s videos on its YouTube channel Flighyhyperbola on your cell phone with this infomercial from YouTube…

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VIDEO: Hyperbola is on YouTube

Hyperbola videos can be watched on its YouTube channel Flighthyperbola and the videos of channels Flighthyperbola subscribes too

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HYPERBOLA: Walter Cantrell for NASA administrator

walter cantrell.jpg

credit: NASA / caption: Walter Cantrell is first on the left

Hyperbola has decided to throw a name into the ring for NASA administrator and that person is Walter Cantrell

For those of you saying “who!?” Cantrell was appointed as NASA’s

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Space Renaissance update: Buzz Aldrin has no involvement


credit Hyperbola / caption: Buzz Aldrin chats to media at Virgin Galactic’s 28 July 2008 WhiteKnight Two roll out 

Hyperbola has spoken to a representative of Dr Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and told that Aldrin was never going to attend …

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Space Access 2009: all the bloggers

Rather than go up against the intense competition of the might of so many bloggers in the live blogging stakes here at the Space Access Society’s 2009 (SAS 09) conference Hyperbola has opted for audio recordings of sessions and video

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Astrium: we are commited to spacejet


Spacejet (above) has the full support of the leadership of EADS Astrium and it is a long term project for a long term market, Hugues Laporte-Weywada, Astrium’s senior vice president and deputy chief technical officer told Hyperbola in an exclusive interview at …

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Space Access Society starts today

Hyperbola will be at the Space Access Society in Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow (Friday 3 April) and on Saturday but today I’ll be covering the final sessions of the Space Foundation’s 25th National Space Symposium here in Colorado Springs. Those sessions include NASA, …

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VIDEO: NASA and Northrop Grumman talk about the LCROSS mission

At the Space Foundation’s 25th National Space Symposium Hyperbola spoke to Northrop Grumman’s vice president for advanced systems Stephen Hixson (hear me get that wrong at the end of the video) and NASA Ames Research Center Lunar Crater Observation and …

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Hyperbola: National Space Symposium & Space Access Society

broadmoor conv center.JPG

credit Google / caption: Go look at the Broadmoor Center here

This week Hyperbola is coming from the US of A and in particular two spaceflight conferences. They are, the Space Foundation’s National Space Symposium, usually at the beginning …

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