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VIDEO: Those apple and orange and pear and kumquat rockets…

In what must have been a hell of an edit job Constellation supporters have edited together soundbites from the open meetings of the Review of US human spaceflight plans committee for what some might call good effect and others down …

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ISS extension will be big news for FY2010 budget

fy2009 iss ops.JPG

credit NASA / caption: NASA’s FY2009 budget shows ISS operations ending in 2016

Hyperbola has learned that the fiscal year 2010 NASA budget is expected to contain an intention to operate the US portion of the International Space Station (ISS) …

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CONTRACT WATCH: A new feature of Hyperbola

From now on Hyperbola will be posting contract announcements with either the entire press release text in the post or just the first paragraph with a hypertext link to the webpage that has the complete statement. All of Hyperbola’s postings …

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NASA cancels Ares I electric thrust vector control study

ema schematic.JPG

credit:NASA / caption: Originally designed in 1993 the electromechanical thrust vector control remains on the shelf

It didn’t last that long and this procurement, which Hyperbola has had a peculiar interest in, had the potential to deliver mass reductions …

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Orion’s heat shield: it’s decision time

Thumbnail image for Orion in orbit.jpg

credit Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield has become a very tall tent pole in the Orion tent, so to speak

In the next few weeks NASA is to announce its selection for the heat shield material for the Orion …

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NASA administrator: Yes we can, oh no you don’t


credit Whitehouse / caption: all is not well with the Obama’s administration selection process

Hyperbola is hearing that the process to select a candidate for NASA administrator is not just being held up by the alleged opposition from members of

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NASA: Refuelled Altair descent stages to aid sample return

altair descent stage ascendsW445.JPG

credit NASA/Flight / caption: this amended image purports to show a refuelled descent stage ascending

NASA is considering launching Moon rock samples into low lunar orbit using refuelled Altair lunar lander descent stages to overcome the cargo return limitations of …

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NASA’s Ares I-X blog

Ares I X poster.jpg

credit NASA

Whether or not the imminent changes at NASA spell the end of Ares I-X NASA has started its very own Ares I-X blog and here you can watch another movie all about the test flight and its possible …

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Is MIT dumbing down?

hst sts61W445.jpg

credit: NASA/ caption: STS-61

Beyond these words NASA should continue to support commercial and European
development of crew and cargo alternatives
, particularly for cargo return, during and after the gap
the report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology space,

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The Hyperbola poll: What next for NASA?

Soon to be a regular feature of Hyperbola, OK, well when I feel like it 

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VIDEO: NASA industry day September 2008

ares collageW445.jpg

credit: NASA

Thanks to Hyperbola reader Dwayne Day you can watch a 3h Lunar Exploration industry briefing day video with presentations by the leadership of NASA’s Constellation programme, its manager Jeffrey Hanley, its Ares project office manager Steve Cook, its …

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NASA’s Ares I-X slips to July 2009

Ares I X poster.jpg

credit: NASA / caption: but when in ’09?

The latest Space Shuttle programme manifest shows the Ares I-X launch put back to 11 July 2009, assuming a 12 May date next year for the lift-off of Hubble Space Telescope (HST) servicing …

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VIDEO: How NASA is making its Altair Lunar Lander safer

new altairW445.JPG

credit: NASA

NASA Altair project office’s John Linius talked about risk assessment and mitigation for the lunar lander during the design process at the 3rd International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety conference held in Rome from 21-23 October 2008

click …

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Is the Moon a few TRLs too far?

trl 1.JPG

credit: NASA

These slides, from a presentation given at NASA’s Lunar exploration concepts briefing held on 25 September, give an indication of quite how far away the mature technology is to achieve a lunar landing even by 2020

trl 2.JPG

credit: NASA

The …

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LIVE BLOGGING: AIAA SPACE 2008 Lunar comms and landing

Thursday 11 September
Lunar comms architecture

Jim Schier
space comms and navigation office at NASA hq

Space comms and nav came out of LunarAechitectureTeam-2 study
Requirements include pervasive mobility, flexibility, global connectivity and long duration including outpost implemented to …

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LIVE BLOGGING: AIAA SPACE 2008 Orion LAS programme

Thursday 10 September

Perish Parikh
Orion LAS programme

developing three completely new rocket motors with new technology

attitude control motor
jettison motor
abort motor…

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LIVE BLOGGING: AIAA SPACE 2008 precursor robotic session

Tuesday 9 Septemer

Tony Lavoie, is Lunar Precursor Robotics programme manager at MSFC

Talking about Lunar Reconnassaince Orbiter and need for good lunar pole data
Talking about LCROSS and lunar mapping project, nothing new
We decided that we could …

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LIVE BLOGGING: AIAA SPACE 2008 Exploration session

Tuesday 9 September

Brian Muirhead, JPL systems engineer and Constellation prg team member

He’s giving the basic Constellation presentation. Jeff Hanley Constellation programme manager was supposed to give this presentation
System baseline review this week for Orion to decide …

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Lawyers hold NASA video game hostage

The official line apparently, if anyone cared to ask NASA, is that “the game is still in development” but for those in the know legal action between the company employed to write the game code and the game-engine provider has frozen progress …

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NASA plans LunarSIM game by 2011

NASA had been planning to create its own massively multi-player online game but its Glenn Research Center’s Educational Programs Office has decided to enter the games arena with a request for proposals for a $200,000 contract to develop an interactive …

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