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UK ups its contribution to the European Space Agency

Having previously noted the relative success of the under-supported UK space industry which is now worth some £9.1 billion per annum, the UK government has sought to make amends by announcing that a further £60 million of spending per annum will be made available to

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UK Space Agency to lose its head in November

It has been announced that the Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, David Williams, will be leaving in November to become Group Executive of Australia’s national science agency, the Information Sciences at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

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Vega off the pad!

The European Space Agency got its new small launcher VEGA off the pad on schedule this morning at 1000GMT, or 0600 local time in Kourou, French Guiana.

The launch couldn’t have been pushed back much further – it had been …

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Choice qoutes from UK’s Space innovation and growth strategy

space igs cover.JPG

credit: BNSC / caption: this is the front cover of the Space IGS report

Not yet available at either the British National Space Centre or Space Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) websites but found here at its own website, here …

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Double UK space spend says industry report

The UK government is to set up a leadership council for the spaceflight industry as it nears a decision on what to name its new space agency.

The council will oversee the implementation of recommendations from the Space innovation and

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PICTURES: ATV-2 Johannes Kepler

ATV Astrium Jan 2010.jpg
credit: EADS Astrium / caption: The European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle  2 undergoing asembly at an EADS Astrium facility

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Planet Earth news bites December 2009!

Its time again for a whirlwind roundup of various news items from around the internet beginning with Space News’ Galileo satellite navigation system scoop

Hyperbola hears that the actual announcement on who won what will be made on or around …

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The lunar future that never was?

lunar architecture.JPG
credit NASA

Can the heads of programme and heads of agency meetings shown above and described as TBC for their December and June 2010 dates really come about or will president Barack Obama end it all?

This diagram is from …

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Tranquility node roll out in Turin, Italy on Saturday 16 May

In the USA there was much mirth at the result of a poll that saw US television comedian Stephen Colbert apparently chosen to be the name of the International Space Station’s (ISS) Node 3. Named Tranquility instead, in honour of the Apollo

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LAUNCHWATCH: Ariane 5 anomaly postpones Herschel & Planck

Arianespace says


Due to an anomaly discovered during tests on a subassembly identical to one on the Ariane 5 launcher, Arianespace has decided to carry out additional checks, which will take several days.


A new launch date will

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VIDEO: Hyperbola is on YouTube

Hyperbola videos can be watched on its YouTube channel Flighthyperbola and the videos of channels Flighthyperbola subscribes too

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Manned Mars mission simulation begins

mars sim ship.jpg
credit: ESA / caption: home to the Mars mission simulation but for 105 or 520 days?

Its called Mars500 but the volunteer “astronauts” for this Mars mission simulation will only be in there for 105-days initially and the 520-day mission will …

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Altair may not be the only crewed lunar lander


credit JAXA / caption: this low res picture shows a possible future JAXA Selene-X lunar lander

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has released infromation about the latest meeting for the global exploration strategy, agreed in 2007. Its International Space Exploration

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News Bites go Global!

ESA recoverable first stageblog.jpg

credit ESA / caption: what is it? click on the image to see a larger version in the same browser window

Go through to the extended portion of this blog post to read this edition of News Bites but for …

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VIDEO: ESA funds Reaction Engines’ Skylon spaceplane technology

skylon re-entry_l.jpg

credit Reaction Engines / caption: Reaction Engines’ SSTO Skylon reenters Earth atmosphere

For those of you wondering about this blog post yesterday, at 0001h today this story about the European Space Agency and UK government funding technology that could be used …

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VIDEO: ESA profiles Soyuz builder’s preparation for French Guiana

soyuz in csg.JPG

credit CNES

The European Space Agency has profiled the work being done by Russia’s Samara Space Center for the Soyuz 2-1a rockets that are planned to launch from French Space Agency CNES’ French Guiana spaceport by the end of this year. …

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VIDEO: New ELV Vega video on revamped Italian space agency website

asi vega movie.JPG

credit Italian Space Agency

Go here for a video about the new European Vega rocket’s development at the Italian space Agency’s much revamped website…

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Russian roundup: Is Moscow planning public-private spaceflight?

Its that time of year again and there’s some interesting items on the Russian Federal Space Agency, aka Roscosmos, website

See pictures here of equipment arriving for the French Guiana Samara Space Center Soyuz rocket launch complex. And here …

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TWITTER: Hyperbola’s live coverage of ESA chief’s press conference

Today, Wednesday 14 January, European Space Agency director general Jean-Jacques Dordain meets the media in his annual press conference. Read Hyperbola’s live coverage via Twitter below as soon as it starts at 0800GMT (0900CET)


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TWITTER: ESA’s director general’s annual press conference

credit: ESA / caption: ESA director-general Jean-Jacques Dordain at his 2008 press conference

Wednesday 14 January is the day European Space Agency director general Jean-Jacques Dordain meets the media in his annual press conference and as long as I can get …

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