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Obama wins US Presidential election but will Bolden and NASA be losers now?

President Barack Obama has, by a small margin, been re-elected as US President.  Despite only just beating his Republican Party challenger, Mitt Romney, in the overall popular vole, the Democrat President held sway in the key swing states of Florida, Ohio etc. to …

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Analysis: Both US Presidential Election candidates have space policy strengths and weaknesses (Updated)

While gambling bookmakers, opinion pollsters, and election forecasters are currently split as to the likely outcome of the US Presidential Election, most are agreed that it will be the key “swing states” that will decide the election via the electoral …

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The NASA debate rolls on…

NASA administrator Charles Bolden had an op-ed in today’s {well the website says 27 April) yesterday’s Houston Chronicle that is notably short and strangely refers to a 2015 International Space Station retirement date in the present tense

While I can …

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“how many more blunt objects [do] we have to hit NASA…with”

The Hunstville Times isn’t giving president Barack Obama’s NASA plan a good write up with its latest article about the political reaction to the flexible path to asteroids and Mars from 2025

With the headline, NASA plan: ‘Cosmic bridge to

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Is the full Orion crew exploration vehicle programme back on?

The Orion crew exploration vehicle looks set to return not only as an escape capsule but also as a beyond low Earth orbit spacecraft according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden

In today’s Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing Bolden said that Orion would become a

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VIDEO: Senator Bill Nelson says Ares I is not dead yet

“The president proposes and the Congress disposes,” is a phrase Democratic party senator for Florida Bill Nelson has been using a lot since the 1 February publication of president Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2011 NASA budget

With such a contentious

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Obama’s unexecutable non-Constellation Constellation program

garver timeline.JPG
credit: spacepolicyonline.com / caption: the schedule slide that will come to haunt Obama’s flexible path

In a president George W. Bush-like moment NASA administrator Charles Bolden is reported to have said: “it is the uneasiest thing we could do”. Uneasiest? …

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Obama space plan debate sees no sign of a victor

Despite the grandiose visit to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) president Barack Obama’s space plan is still being divisive even with the announcements of a 2025 asteroid goal and a 2035 mission to orbit, but not land on, Mars

In the video above …

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VIDEO: NBC report of First man’s opposition to Obama plan

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

One of many media channels to report it, watch NBC’s bulletin above about the open letter sent to the White House Tuesday by Apollo mission commanders Neil

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Orion Lite won’t reduce NASA Russian dependence

Reading about president Barack Obama’s decision to resurrect the Orion crew exploration vehicle as an escape capsule we are told (here and then here and in plenty of other articles) that this will reduce NASA’s dependence upon Russian crew transport …

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Shelby slams Obama’s NASA Plan B

Republican Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has not welcomed president Barack Obama’s new version of his flexible space exploration path plan and appears to take a swipe at NASA administrator Charles Bolden with the reference to the agency’s “management team” – …

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On another 50th anniversary…

According to the above video in 1976 Goddard Space Flight Center was a “kaleidoscope of extremes”. Is that still so Goddard workers of today? Hyperbola wants to know. But more importantly this video was about the center’s celebration of the 50th …

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President Obama to speak at Orion crew vehicle building


More details of President Barack Obama’s visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) are emerging. It is now clear that KSC’s operations and checkout building (and not the center’s training auditorium), refurbished for use with the Constellation programme’s Orion crew …

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NASA/White House announce 15 April space summti details

NASA just emailed this:


Office of Media Affairs


WASHINGTON- On the afternoon of Thursday, April 15 President Barack Obama will visit Cape Canaveral, Florida and …

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What was the point of that Mr Bolden?

Listening in from Frankfurt airport’s gate B31 yesterday this blogger wondered what would result from the morning’s surprise media telecon announcement that had the inspiring title of NASA Announces Future Work Assignments for Field Centers - and bar a few nuggets …

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Garver’s powerpoint presentation that will be regretted

garver timeline.JPG
credit: spacepolicyonline.com / caption: Garver’s presentation click on it for a large version in this browser window

So according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden in the Congressional hearing yesterday the US will get back to the Moon before the Chinese – but …

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It’s Mars or Congressional gridlock!

Is Mars going to be the destination president Barack Obama will declare on 15 April, tax day? What could draw better responses than apparently announcing an unbelievable expensive lofty goal on the day US citizens have to file their …

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Obama’s death panel for Constellation sees costs spiral

myfoxhouston w560.JPG

Even city Mayors are now heading to Washington DC because of fears of thousands of Constellation cancellation job losses as the battle for US human spaceflight starts to become as emotionally charged as those health care reform arguments about alleged death panels…

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VIDEO: can Shuttle avoid an extension gap?

Clark Lindsey and the Spaceports blog linked to this 9 March video interview with NASA Space Shuttle programme manager John Shannon. He doesn’t give any great insights although he says a survey of the programme’s supply base was to be …

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Who cares about 2020, 2030 and beyond is good enough

One of the criticisms of NASA’s Moon return Constellation programme was that it wasn’t going to get astronauts back to the Earth’s natural satellite until long after 2020

But are dates really that important? If you’re prepared to spend the …

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