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VIDEO: Lunar Lander simulator film with narration

This video appears to have been taken during a presentation that was screening a film with no apparent sound from the 1970s showing what seems to be a lunar lander simulator. This video’s Youtube page, provided by someone called easynow, has a …

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VIDEO: NASA Project M – humanoid lunar explorers

Care of SpaceRefOnOrbit here is the video for NASA’s Project M…

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Russia to develop low Lunar orbit “transfer stages”

anatoly perminovW445.jpgIn credit: ESA / caption: Former Space Troops general and now Federal Space Agency head Anatoly Perminov

In an interview with Russian spaceflight magazine Novosti Kosmonavtiki Anatoly Perminov (see picture) head of the Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) talks about the agency’s …

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NASA to investigate VASIMR propelled lunar tug concept

NASA is to investigate a VASIMR propelled lunar tug concept according to a procurement synopsis it published last week. The video above can be found here along with other videos about the tug concept. The NASA synopsis says:

Studies will

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VIDEO: NASA Altair lunar lander sim

Congrats to CNET for getting to fly the Altair lunar lander simulator at NASA Ames Research Center (and thanks to Clark Lindsey for the link). Go here and here and here for more Altair related video from previous Hyperbola …

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VIDEO: China talks manned lunar and space station missions

Senior China space programme officials spoke at the 60th International Astronautical Congress’ “Late breaking news” session on the morning of 15 October, giving an insight into the country’s planning for long term space missions and manned flights beyond low Earth orbit…

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NASA asks for composite strut ideas for Altair lunar lander

While NASA’s Altair lunar lander design studies hang around in US Review of Human Space Flight Plans committee report limbo, the space agency appears to be doing some work still and this Langley Research Center procurement synopsis is asking for …

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The Orion gap, no not that one, the second one, in 2020

Thumbnail image for Orion in orbit.jpg

credit NASA/Lockheed Martin / caption: Will this be seen in 2020?

Acting NASA administrator Christopher Scolese made some interesting remarks on 29 April at the Congressional appropriations hearing that Hyperbola thinks could see another human spaceflight gap for the USA at …

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Reusable Altair: NASAWatch gets first powerpoints

altair descent stage ascendsW445.JPG

credit NASA/Flight / caption: NASAWatch’s reusable lander presentation looks nothing like Altair 

Back in February NASA’s head of its Altair lunar lander project office Kathy Laurini spoke to Flight about the agency’s ideas for a reusable or recycleable lander. A few …

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NASA’s Orion gets its heat shield, at last

NASA announced yesterday that the reformulation of the Apollo programme’s Avcoat has been selected for its Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)

Flight predicted this in its 10 March article about the heat shield when an announcement was expected that month. Instead …

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Roscosmos specifies tourism role for Soyuz TMA replacement

iaass mar 09 screen grab.JPG

credit IAASS / Caption: click on this image to see a larger version in the same browser window

Detail’s from the Russian Federal Space Agency’s request for proposals for its Soyuz TMA replacement, apparently now called Advanced Manned Space Transpotation …

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VIDEO: ARCA tests Google Lunar X Prize rocket engines

ARCA has posted video of its recent rocket motor propellant tests on Youtube, find the others in the extended portion of this blg post. Go here for pictures of the Romanian Google Lunar X prize team’s day out…

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Google Lunar X Prize team ARCA conducts propellant firing tests

ARCA March firing tests.jpg

credit ARCA / caption: the test firings are another milestone in ARCA’s progress

The European Google Lunar X Prize team ARCA has conducted propellant firing tests for its Stabilo suborbital vehicle and the Lunar injection stage engine for its European Lunar …

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ESA publicises lander concept Flight reported in 2007


credit: ESA / caption: this was Hyperbola’s screengrab of the only lander like design in an ESA Moonbase image

The European Space Agency has released information about its lunar lander plans 15 months after Flight first reported on it in

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NASA lunar systems architecture workshop online

inflate 1large.JPG

credit NASA / caption: will the latest lunar surface systems architecture use inflatable habitats?

Go here for presentations from the US Chamber of Commerce programmatic workshop on NASA lunar surface systems concepts held today and the last two days at …

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PODCAST: NASA considers lander descent stages that ascend


new altairW445.JPG

credit NASA

NASA’s Constellation programme’s office of lunar and planetary exploration chief Wendell Mendell spoke to Hyperbola at the European Astrofest 2009 conference in London on Saturday 7 February…

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Inside NASA’s Altair lunar lander

NASA has released a CGI movie of a concept interior for its Altair lunar lander. I couldn’t get the RealPlayer file to work, whch is normally good for screengrabs, and only the Windows media file would work in the RealPlayer player and …

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And NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is now….

new altairW445.JPG

credit NASA / caption: will LDAC-3 look anything like this?

The third Lander Design Analysis Cycle (LDAC) for NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is expected to finish next month (March). After publishing an Apollo lunar module and Constellation programme Altair LDAC-2

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TWITTER: Hyperbola’s live coverage of ESA chief’s press conference

Today, Wednesday 14 January, European Space Agency director general Jean-Jacques Dordain meets the media in his annual press conference. Read Hyperbola’s live coverage via Twitter below as soon as it starts at 0800GMT (0900CET)


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NASA’s LADEE to place propulsion contract in May

ladee landerW445.JPG

credit NASA / caption: This hovering, lander test

The latest “low cost” Moon mission, the $80 million Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, is to place an award for its propulsion system in May, which will be the …

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