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Moon to look bigger as comes closest to Earth since 1948

Astronomers have advised that the Moon will appear larger and brighter in the sky than normal as its orbit will takes it to closest distance from Earth since 1948.

The moon had its closest perigee at 356,509 km (221,524 miles) …

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VIDEO: Obama urged to save Constellation

Later today president Barack Obama will give a speech about his plans for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. In advance of that Republican Utah Congressman Rob Bishop gave a statement on the floor of the House of Representatives urging him …

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Two steps forward, one step back for India and China

India’s test of a new rocket engine had to be stopped early according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) while Aviation Week’s Beijing correspondent Bradley Perrett scores a scoop with Chinese Moon rocket planning

Talking to the Chinese in October

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Can commercial spaceflight solve the exploration dilemma?

This video shows Norman Augustine’s remarks at the 22 October 2009  US human spaceflight review final report publication press conference

These few weeks since the US review of human space flight report (overseen by Norman Augustine above) was published have seen commercial’s future at NASA …

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: China’s space station concept

china station.JPG
credit: CMSE / caption: this is a three module station

These Chinese space station concepts were presented by China Manned Space Engineering deputy general designer Wang Zhonggui at International Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea on 15 October. The space station would …

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Has JAXA revealed the new Moon return plan?

jaxa cat out of bag.JPG

credit JAXA / caption: Has Fig.6-1 spilled the beans?

Has the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency given the game away with this diagram from an International Astronautical Congress 2009 JAXA International Space Station plans presentation?

Is that a United Launch Alliance Delta

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What does “return to the Moon” mean says NASA chief

inflate 1large.JPG

credit NASA / caption is this what return to the Moon means?

In an extraordinary exchange between NASA acting adminisrator Christoper Scolese and the US House of Representatives’ committee on appropriations’ subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies chair, …

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VIDEO: ARCA tests Google Lunar X Prize rocket engines

ARCA has posted video of its recent rocket motor propellant tests on Youtube, find the others in the extended portion of this blg post. Go here for pictures of the Romanian Google Lunar X prize team’s day out…

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Google Lunar X Prize team ARCA conducts propellant firing tests

ARCA March firing tests.jpg

credit ARCA / caption: the test firings are another milestone in ARCA’s progress

The European Google Lunar X Prize team ARCA has conducted propellant firing tests for its Stabilo suborbital vehicle and the Lunar injection stage engine for its European Lunar …

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ESA publicises lander concept Flight reported in 2007


credit: ESA / caption: this was Hyperbola’s screengrab of the only lander like design in an ESA Moonbase image

The European Space Agency has released information about its lunar lander plans 15 months after Flight first reported on it in

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Recycling Altair lunar landers for thermal wadis?

lsam tank volumes.JPG

credit: Battelle /caption: Is this an insight into the Altair lunar lander LDAC-3 design?

New Altair project office manager Kathy Laurini revealed to Flight and this blog NASA’s thoughts on how to use landers more efficiently and now it seems …

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NASA lunar systems architecture workshop online

inflate 1large.JPG

credit NASA / caption: will the latest lunar surface systems architecture use inflatable habitats?

Go here for presentations from the US Chamber of Commerce programmatic workshop on NASA lunar surface systems concepts held today and the last two days at …

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PICTURE: NASA video game to have Armageddon mission


credit Virtual Heroes / caption: Could this ascent vehicle be modelled after the famed DRM 5.0?

NASAWatch has linked to the first online reports about NASA’s massively multiplayer online game, reported on by Hyperbola way back in January 2008, which …

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PODCAST: NASA considers lander descent stages that ascend


new altairW445.JPG

credit NASA

NASA’s Constellation programme’s office of lunar and planetary exploration chief Wendell Mendell spoke to Hyperbola at the European Astrofest 2009 conference in London on Saturday 7 February…

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PODCAST: UK science minister talks robots and astronauts

Drayson Sweetingw445.jpg

credit SSTL / caption UK minister of science Lord Drayson pictured in background, arms folded at SSTL

Hyperbola spoke to the UK minister for science Lord Drayson on Friday 6 February about robotic exploration, the UK space strategy and the possibility …

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And NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is now….

new altairW445.JPG

credit NASA / caption: will LDAC-3 look anything like this?

The third Lander Design Analysis Cycle (LDAC) for NASA’s Altair Lunar Lander is expected to finish next month (March). After publishing an Apollo lunar module and Constellation programme Altair LDAC-2

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X-ROB: Europe’s €500,000 Moon and Mars robotic assembly study

ESA Exoskeleton.jpg
credit ESA / caption: could Moon mission astronauts use robots to be super people?

The European Space Agency’s Aurora core programme €500,000 ($640,000) EXploration Robotics Requirements and Concepts (X-ROB) study is investigating robots for assembly, inspection and the maintenance of space ships …

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NASA’s LADEE to place propulsion contract in May

ladee landerW445.JPG

credit NASA / caption: This hovering, lander test

The latest “low cost” Moon mission, the $80 million Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, is to place an award for its propulsion system in May, which will be the …

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ARCA unveils its Google Lunar X Prize rocket

ARCA haas rocket.jpg

credit: ARCA

The Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) has unveiled its rocket for getting its Moon roaming European Lunar Explorer vehicle to the planetoid with engine tests planned for next year and a first flight in 2011

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