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VIDEO: Future of space exploration MIT lecture online

Edward Crawley
Maria T. Zuber
James Garvin
Richard Garriott
Erika Wagner
David Thompson
James Crocker

June 11, 2009
Running Time: 1:39:22

Google alerted this blog to this video. Why it only appeared today when the lecture took place last June …

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Soyuz rocket launch site tour

Hyperbola was taken to the Soyuz launch site at France’s Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana on 9 December and this 30min 51s video basically spans the entire time we were there. With a French speaking tour guide (all translations welcome) …

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VIDEO: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo unveil

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France’s Helios 2B spysat launch cancelled

launcher tv w560.JPG

credit Flight / caption: Arianespace’s Ariane 5 GS stands on its launch pad

The launch of France’s Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite has been cancelled for today and is to be rescheduled in a few days time

The cancellation news came …

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PICTURES: SpaceShipTwo unveil ceremony

In this blog post will be a series of images from the unveiling ceremony and party for SpaceShipTwo on 7 December 2009 at Mojave air and spaceport

click on any of the pictures in this blog post to see larger

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VIDEO: Roscosmos MAKS 2009 video gives Vostochny detail

At 5min 50s into this 10min 53s Federal Space Agency video produced for MAKS 2009 there are details of the new Vostochny cosmodrome that is to be built in Russia’s far eastern Amur region. This segment also shows a video of an Advanced Crew …

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PICTURE: Black Cab – a reusable flyback first stage

black cab sketch.JPG
credit: Rick Newlands / caption: like SpaceShipOne and Two Black cab would have a feathering function

Carrying expendable second and third stages Black Cab would reach an apogee of about 250km (155miles) after coasting following main engine cut off, having …

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PICTURES: Tiangong model, cargo spacecraft, station in-orbit assembly

credit Flight / caption: Are we looking at the future shape of China’s unmanned cargo resupply spacecraft?

This 1:10 scale model of China’s manned space engineering programme’s Tiangong spacelab docked to a Shenzhou spacecraft was exhibited at the 60th International

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Virgin Galactic LauncherOne designs revealed

launcherone 1.JPG

credit: Virgin Galactic / caption: why the straigth wing and v-tail?

This design for Virgin Galactic’s mini satellite launching rocket LauncherOne was shown by the company’s small satellite launch general manager Adam Baker at the 60th International Astronautical Congress in …

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VIDEO: controversial Emdrive to be investigated by UK govt

Does this video show a revolutionary new propulsion system or is the rotation simply a byproduct of convection?

The British National Space Centre’s technology and industrial policy deputy director has told Hyperbola that 2010 could see a workshop on the …

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CEAS 2009: The Emdrive spaceplane

emdrive spaceplane.JPGHyperbola Hyperbola and Flightglobal will report further on this Emdrive propulsion system and its applications later this week but for now here is a picture of the spaceplane proposed by Emdrive’s UK inventor…

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VIDEO: #iac2009 Civilian access to space session

Watch this video of the Internatonal Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea where Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn, Sierra Nevada vice president Mark Sirangelo, the FAA’s head of commercial space transportation George Nield and New Mexico space grant consortium director Pat …

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Hyperbola lands in Manchester: European air and space 2009

This week Hyperbola will be reporting from the European air and space conference 2009 being held in the UK city of Manchester

Organised by the Council of European Aerospace Societies the conference has presentations on satellite servicing robotics, space debris, Mars …

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VIDEO: China talks manned lunar and space station missions

Senior China space programme officials spoke at the 60th International Astronautical Congress’ “Late breaking news” session on the morning of 15 October, giving an insight into the country’s planning for long term space missions and manned flights beyond low Earth orbit…

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The lunar future that never was?

lunar architecture.JPG
credit NASA

Can the heads of programme and heads of agency meetings shown above and described as TBC for their December and June 2010 dates really come about or will president Barack Obama end it all?

This diagram is from …

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Has JAXA revealed the new Moon return plan?

jaxa cat out of bag.JPG

credit JAXA / caption: Has Fig.6-1 spilled the beans?

Has the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency given the game away with this diagram from an International Astronautical Congress 2009 JAXA International Space Station plans presentation?

Is that a United Launch Alliance Delta

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ISS extension will be big news for FY2010 budget

fy2009 iss ops.JPG

credit NASA / caption: NASA’s FY2009 budget shows ISS operations ending in 2016

Hyperbola has learned that the fiscal year 2010 NASA budget is expected to contain an intention to operate the US portion of the International Space Station (ISS) …

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What does “return to the Moon” mean says NASA chief

inflate 1large.JPG

credit NASA / caption is this what return to the Moon means?

In an extraordinary exchange between NASA acting adminisrator Christoper Scolese and the US House of Representatives’ committee on appropriations’ subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies chair, …

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AUDIO: Rocketplane Global XP vehicle status update

rpk update 40409.JPG

credit Rocketplane Global / caption: The XP vehicle is now the subject of desktop analyses

Listen here to parts, one, two and three of Rocketplane Global vice president for business development Charles Lauer’s 30min presentation on the status of …

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National Space Symposium & Space Access 2009: yet more to come

Hyperbola will be flying back to the UK on Sunday 5 April. Expect more video and audio and even some powerpoint presentations from the 25th National Space Symposium and the Space Access Society 2009 conference that were held over the past …

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