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Swarm mission set for delay following Rockot upper stage anomaly

After Flightglobal’s Hyperbola revelation that the Breeze M (Briz M) upper stage had not peformed a planned post-satellite delivery final orbit-lowering/propellant depletion manoeuvre during the latest Rockot launch, Eurorockot, the firm that markets Russian-built Rockot launch vehicles, has confirmed that an investigation is underway and that …

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PICTURE: Orbital Sciences’ releases Taurus II launch pad concept

orbital wallops launch site.JPG
credit: Orbtial / caption:

Orbital Sciences released the latest concept image of its Taurus II rocket launch site (being built at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility aka the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport) during its presentation at the Space Foundation’s 26th National Space …

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Two steps forward, one step back for India and China

India’s test of a new rocket engine had to be stopped early according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) while Aviation Week’s Beijing correspondent Bradley Perrett scores a scoop with Chinese Moon rocket planning

Talking to the Chinese in October

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Reusable first stage focus of Franco-Russian study

France and Russia are to co-operate on a ultra-light reusable first stage demonstrator under the two countries joint Oural programme

The reusable first stage demonstrator was mentioned in this Russian Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) news item on its website…

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India tests scramjet test vehicle

India has flight tested a sounding rocket that will be the vehicle used to carry the countries scramjet technology prototypes. The Indian Space Research Organisation’s press release is here. This news article says the rocket achieved a speed of more than Mach 6.5 …

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Indian space agency gets huge hike for manned spaceflight

According to these Indian news sources including The Hindu newspaper the Indian government has give its Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) a huge 58% hike in funding, and it seems to be all related to the human spaceflight programme the

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VIDEO: Russia Today reports Energia nuke rocket motor work

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Russia plans 2015 tests under nuclear propulsion study

The Russian Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) has told Hyperbola that it is getting 70 million Rubles for the nuclear rocket project that will see tests in 2015

With a draft design to be completed in 2012 the agency says …

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French govt study backs Orion Ariane 5 launch

orion a5me 2.JPG

credit: EADS Astrium / caption: Starting this year the Oriane-Ariane launch systems could be ready by 2019

NASA’s Orion crew exploration vehicle (CEV) could be launched by the latest version of Europe’s EADS Astrium Ariane 5 rocket by 2019 according …

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Virgin Galactic LauncherOne designs revealed

launcherone 1.JPG

credit: Virgin Galactic / caption: why the straigth wing and v-tail?

This design for Virgin Galactic’s mini satellite launching rocket LauncherOne was shown by the company’s small satellite launch general manager Adam Baker at the 60th International Astronautical Congress in …

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PICTURE: Zefiro 9 firing


credit Avio caption: Zefiro-9 Vega ‘s thid stage fires successfully

The last engine, the third stage of the new European Vega launcher, Zefiro 9, manufactured by Avio, has completed all the qualification stages and is now ready, says Avio.…

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Avio: Vega’s motors qualify but maiden launch slips to 2010


credit Avio / caption how far is the slip into 2010? 

The qualification and certification phase for the three solid propellant engines for Vega has been passed with flying colours, says Avio’s press release, but it also gives 2010 as …

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PICTURES: Sicral 1B launch


credit Italian Ministry of Defence

View from Sea Launch Commander of Sicral 1B launch, picture courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Defense. Launched today at 09:16h GMT by a Zenit-3SL rocket operating from the Sea Launch platform, positioned at the …

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NASA plans for JAXA H-IIB Transfer Vehicle delay

Thumbnail image for JAXA HTV.jpg

credit JAXA / caption: Will JAXA’s first H-IIB Transfer Vehicle make its September flight?

Perhaps its because the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is planning a double first with the maiden launch of its new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H-IIB rocket and flight …

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Will HTV launch on time? JAXA delays HTV rocket first stage test

credit: JAXA /caption: the H-IIB rocket first stage test delay does not bode well for the mid-2009 HTV launch

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has postponed what it calls its “First Captive Firing Test of the First Stage Flight Model Tank for the

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VIDEO: Danish rocket team test fire hybird rocket

First HATV test 8 Mar 2009, video montage with timecodes from Sonny W. on Vimeo.

credit: Copenhagen Suborbital / caption: never under estimate the Vikings  

The above rocket, the Danish Copenhagen Suborbital team’s Hybrid Atmospheric Test Vehicle (HATV) uses …

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Biodiesel rocket flight planned for 7 March


credit Flometrics / caption: the vernier rocket engine was fired for 6s in January 2009 

Flometrics’ Steve Harrington is planning to test fly his biodiesel rocket this Saturday. A successful static firing test of a vernier rocket engine using

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ESA Samara Space Center video finally working

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Has ESA’s Tomorrow’s Bird flown the coop?

ariane 5 launch 2008.jpg

credit ESA / caption: an Arianespace Ariane 5 launches the Superbird-7 and AMC-21 satellites

Why is the Tomorrow’s Bird study report so delayed? Is it because its conclusions won’t support other European hopes for spaceflight that require a more powerful version …

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SSTL is LauncherOne customer says BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation has been told by Surrey Satellite Technology that this EADS Astrium owned UK small spacecraft manufacturer is working with Virgin Galactic on an air launched booster

Back in December Hyperbola exclusively revealed that Virgin Galactic had decided …

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