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On a lighter note: Space spying schoolboy error of the month (allegedly)

Bo Jiang, a Chinese national and space imaging expert who was working (with permission) as a contractor for National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) at NASA’s Langley space centre, was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. on 16 March …

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Whose human flight safety standards, again?

NASA’s new human spaceflight standards may not be as rigorous as those it already demands for high profile launches such as James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) or Cassini

In an emailed answer to Hyperbola’s question about NASA Launch Services (NLS) …

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Mexico begins $80 million space agency center preparations

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Mexico has begun preparations to construct its own 30-hectare space center on the Yucatan peninsula for the country’s space agency that was created in 2008

Russia has said it is ready to help Mexico with its space ambitions. In …

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What was the point of that Mr Bolden?

Listening in from Frankfurt airport’s gate B31 yesterday this blogger wondered what would result from the morning’s surprise media telecon announcement that had the inspiring title of NASA Announces Future Work Assignments for Field Centers - and bar a few nuggets …

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Garver’s powerpoint presentation that will be regretted

garver timeline.JPG
credit: spacepolicyonline.com / caption: Garver’s presentation click on it for a large version in this browser window

So according to NASA administrator Charles Bolden in the Congressional hearing yesterday the US will get back to the Moon before the Chinese – but …

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£41 million for UK space but no Her Majesty’s agency

Oh well that was a short lived rumour, so much for the idea that the UK could get a government department with as whacky a name as Her Majesty’s Space Agency

As you read this (at 10:30h local time GMT) …

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Will UK space agency announcement see £20 million for industry?

Hyperbola is guessing that the reformed British National Space Centre that is getting no more money and has the pleasure of being based in Swindon is to be called UK Space Agency and not the James Bond-like Her Majesty’s

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VIDEO: Space emerges as issue in UK election science debate

At 73min into this 156min video, a webcast from the Royal Society of Chemistry debate entitled Science and the General Election 2010, space finally gets a mention

The debate’s moderator BBC Newsnight science editor Susan Watts mentions that a …

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VIDEO: SpaceShipOne test pilot Brian Binnie talks

Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne test pilot Brian Binnie talks to Aero tv news network about commercial space

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Indian space agency gets huge hike for manned spaceflight

According to these Indian news sources including The Hindu newspaper the Indian government has give its Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) a huge 58% hike in funding, and it seems to be all related to the human spaceflight programme the

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Choice qoutes from UK’s Space innovation and growth strategy

space igs cover.JPG

credit: BNSC / caption: this is the front cover of the Space IGS report

Not yet available at either the British National Space Centre or Space Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) websites but found here at its own website, here …

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UK gets an executive space agency but what is that?

credit Flight / caption: Lord Drayson speaks at 5th Appleton space conference and I take a blurry photo as usual

As Hyperbola reported back in July the UK’s space agency will not get any more money than the existing British National

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PICTURE: Black Cab – a reusable flyback first stage

black cab sketch.JPG
credit: Rick Newlands / caption: like SpaceShipOne and Two Black cab would have a feathering function

Carrying expendable second and third stages Black Cab would reach an apogee of about 250km (155miles) after coasting following main engine cut off, having …

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Shuttle derived still hanging in there, ET tooling move delayed

Despite the recent publicity about more Ares V variants being the subject of NASA studies a little bit of good news for the Shuttle derived heavy lift crowd eeked out this week in the latest edition of Johnson Space Center’s …

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Head of China’s astronaut systems talks to CCTV-9

Go here to see the video of Chen Shanguang, the chief commander and chief designer of China’s Manned Space Engineering astronaut system speaking to China’s state run English language news and current affairs channel CCTV-9. Go here for more China manned …

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VIDEO: International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight 09

Videos from what used to be called the International Symposium for Personal Spaceflight and is now the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight have been posted online care of Spaceport Sweden. Above is a video with Commercial Spaceflight Federation …

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VIDEO: #iac2009 Major space agencys’ chiefs talk exploration

Watch this video from the Internatonal Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea first plenary session where heads of the world’s major space agencies discuss the future

Go here for more IAC2009 videos…

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VIDEO: #iac2009 Civilian access to space session

Watch this video of the Internatonal Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea where Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn, Sierra Nevada vice president Mark Sirangelo, the FAA’s head of commercial space transportation George Nield and New Mexico space grant consortium director Pat …

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Hyperbola lands in Manchester: European air and space 2009

This week Hyperbola will be reporting from the European air and space conference 2009 being held in the UK city of Manchester

Organised by the Council of European Aerospace Societies the conference has presentations on satellite servicing robotics, space debris, Mars …

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Follow Hyperbola on twitter and watch news break

Don’t forget you can follow Hyperbola on twitter @flighthyperbola and get sneak previews of flightglobal.com stories to come, breaking news facts and figures and see how events unfold through pictures from the very occasion Hyperbola is reporting from. How much …

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