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Will UK space agency announcement see £20 million for industry?

Hyperbola is guessing that the reformed British National Space Centre that is getting no more money and has the pleasure of being based in Swindon is to be called UK Space Agency and not the James Bond-like Her Majesty’s

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Human spaceflight rules within 60-days of Senator Hutchison act

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s bill for authorising human spaceflight does not differ markedly from the leaked 9 February dated bill text revealed by Hyperbola last week

The Interesting changes are the following:

  • Bolden must submit a National Space Transportation System

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Bolden should know no plan survives contact with the enemy

Former US Marine Corp Major-General Charles Bolden must by now be reflecting upon the military axiom, no plan survives contact with an enemy. In this case Bolden’s enemies are the Congressmen and women hell bent on not accepting the president …

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PICTURE: Lockheed reveals Orion heat shield progress

lockheed orion heat shield 10310.jpg
credit: Lockheed Martin / caption: the heat shield is 5m (15ft) in diameter

Hyperbola didn’t get its interview with Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ human spaceflight vice president in the end and now the company has released information (see below) about its progress

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VIDEO: Senate NASA budget trequest hearing

Care of Spaceflight Now here is a video of the Senate commerce, science and transportation committee’s science and space subcommittee hearing about the NASA fiscal year 2011 budget request and human spaceflight plans …

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Roscosmos starts Gagarin 50th anniversary preparation

With over a year to go before the 50th anniversary of the beginning of human spaceflight on 12 April 2011 the Russian Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) has already started a Yuri Gagarin 50th anniversary webpage to collect Gagarin memorabilia and …

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VIDEO: Local tv stations report jobs impact of Obama plan

UPDATED: here is another video 

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Russia to develop low Lunar orbit “transfer stages”

anatoly perminovW445.jpgIn credit: ESA / caption: Former Space Troops general and now Federal Space Agency head Anatoly Perminov

In an interview with Russian spaceflight magazine Novosti Kosmonavtiki Anatoly Perminov (see picture) head of the Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) talks about the agency’s …

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Will Congress keep US space programme adrift?

Orion Atlantic ocean.jpg
credit: NASA / caption: Orion is to be cancelled but what will Congress and NASA do now?

If president Barack Obama’s plan for human spaceflight wasn’t disconcerting enough with little detail then the lack of consultation with NASA personnel in …

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Double UK space spend says industry report

The UK government is to set up a leadership council for the spaceflight industry as it nears a decision on what to name its new space agency.

The council will oversee the implementation of recommendations from the Space innovation and

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Burt Rutan comments on Obama NASA plan

Tweeted yesterday by Hyperbola, below is the full text of Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan’s response to Associated Press science writer Alicia Chang:

That is not a “NASA plan”; it is the proposed budget from the White House.  It

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China space programme exhibit in UK’s Manchester city

The Manchester, UK based-Museum of Science & Industry has teamed with the University of Manchester to exhibit a history of China’s aerospace development including that country’s space programme. Its press release says:

“[The University of Manchester] has worked with

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European Space Agency planning its own long-range “ESAS”

astrium csts2.JPG

credit: EADS Astrium / caption: this is from Astrium’s previous work on ESA transportation studies

The European Space Agency is to fund parallel industrial studies to examine how ESA can contribute to international human space exploration over the next 20 …

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Roscosmos confirms a go for 2013 Indian Soyuz mission

India is to have two new cosmonauts flown on a Russian Energia Soyuz TMA spacecraft in 2013 under an agreement between the two countries

The Russian Federal Space Agency (aka Roscosmos) confirmed to Hyperbola other media reports of the done deal that …

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Bolden gets 2h with Obama, but the new vision won’t be agreed

Well that’s a generous interpretation because based on this presidential meeting schedule provided by US newspaper Florida Today that 3.05pm to 5.15pm slot is probably more like 90min – that consumer safety commission meeting is bound to overrun

But it does prove …

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What could Norman Augustine’s mystery booster be?

Much has been made of the support Norman Augustine’s committee has given to commercial spaceflight but what hasn’t been talked about is the mystery booster

In the full Review of US human spaceflight plans report it separates the booster from …

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Can commercial spaceflight solve the exploration dilemma?

This video shows Norman Augustine’s remarks at the 22 October 2009  US human spaceflight review final report publication press conference

These few weeks since the US review of human space flight report (overseen by Norman Augustine above) was published have seen commercial’s future at NASA …

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Augustine report: Do its sums add up?

Hyperbola is to address the Augustine panel final report in a series of posts in the coming weeks – as we’re not going to see any Obama spaceflight policy decision anytime soon – but to kick off this blogs analysis …

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Hyperbola lands in Manchester: European air and space 2009

This week Hyperbola will be reporting from the European air and space conference 2009 being held in the UK city of Manchester

Organised by the Council of European Aerospace Societies the conference has presentations on satellite servicing robotics, space debris, Mars …

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Don’t forget you can follow Hyperbola on twitter @flighthyperbola and get sneak previews of flightglobal.com stories to come, breaking news facts and figures and see how events unfold through pictures from the very occasion Hyperbola is reporting from. How much …

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