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Vega light launcher completes ninth launch

The SENTINEL-2B Earth-observation spacecraft was carried to low-Earth Orbit (LEO) by a Vega light launcher at 0149GMT on 7 March. The mission was conducted by Arianespace, under a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), in service to the European …

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Vega shows its reliability with seventh successful flight – and no failures

European launch provider Arianespace has celebrated the seventh flight of the Italian-built Vega launch vehicle. While Vega has a reputation for being pricey, the rocket has a rapidly growing reputation for its “get you there” reliability as well. The seventh …

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Contract signed for Vega to launch Aeolus

ESA and Arianespace have signed a contract to secure the launch of the Aeolus satellite on a Vega launch vehicle. The 1,500 kg spacecraft is designed to measure winds using ultraviolet laser/lidar technology. The launch of the spacecraft will take …

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Ructions within European launch industry as Italian Space Agency says it wants to keep Vega Italian

While the Vega rocket is regarded as a reliable, if overpriced, launch vehicle system, it does give Italy an independent means of launching satellites should it ever wish to. As such, the Italian space industry and the Italian Space Agency …

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Arianespace Vega launcher to loft CERES signals intelligence sats

On 5 January 2015, Arianespace announced that it has signed a launch services contract with French space agency CNES for the cluster of three new CERES signals intelligence satellites.  The Vega light launcher will be used as the launch vehicle.…

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Despite delay Vega flies successfully again as it carries LISA Pathfinder

Despite a one day delay caused thermal readings on the 4th stage, the Arianespace operated Vega launch vehicle successfully placed the Lisa Pathfinder spacecraft into orbit following its lift off from the Kourou launch site in French Guiana at 0414 …

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RISPACE 2015 Oxford: “Expensive” Vega has market nearly to itself for now but will face strong competition…although probably not from a ‘bird cooking’ Electric Rocket

The “lucky little rocket” Vega continues to survive and even prosper in spite of its great expense. At the Reinventing Space (RISPACE) conference, held in Oxford in November, Markus Bertschi, Head of Exploitation and Launch Ranges at ESA’s Directorate of …

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Sentinel 2A (Optical) is launched by Vega

At 0121 GMT on 23 June 2015, a Vega rocket was launched by Arianespace, from its Kourou launch site in French Guiana.  Aboard the launch vehicle was the Sentinel 2A (Optical) spacecraft of the European Space Agency’s Copernicus environmental programme.  …

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On a sadder note: ESA launcher guru Antonio Fabrizi passes away

The former head of the European Space Agency (ESA) rocket programme, Antonio Fabrizi, has died after a long illness at the early age of 67. Under Fabrizi’s tenure as ESA Director of launchers, ESA built the Vega small launch vehicle, …

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Vega to launch PeruSat-1

Having been awarded a construction to delivery into orbit contract for the 450kg PeruSat-1, Airbus Defence and Space has now selected the launch vehicle to deliver the  Earth observation satellite into orbit.  It has selected the Arianespace Vega launch vehicle …

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Vega signs up Skybox satellites for launch in 2016

Skybox Imaging, the satellite firm recently acquired by Google, has signed with Arianespace to fly four of its satellites on a Vega launch in 2016.   The first launch to take place in July 2016 from the Guiana Space Centre in …

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ESA Ministerial meeting has UK increasing its interest in ISS while Germany is now a Vega fan

While the agreement to drop Ariane 5 ME in favour of Ariane 6 stole the headlines, the ministerial meeting of the European Space Agency showed some more subtle changes in the national funding strategies as well.   Having avoided the huge …

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Arianespace signs two satellites for Vega launch

On 19 February, 2014 European launch provider Arianespace and Italian company CGS S.p.A. announced the launch contract for the OPTSAT 3000 satellite.  At the same time, Arianespace also announced that it had signed a launch contract with the Israeli Space …

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Launch order for VNREDSat-1A goes to Arianespace’s Vega rocket

On 4 January, Arianespace and Astrium  signed the launch contract for the VNREDSat-1A Earth observation satellite, on behalf of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology for whom Astrium is building the spacecraft..

VNREDSat-1A will be launched during the second …

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IAC Naples: Vega first flight had telemetry black out for a time

It has been revealed at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) being held in Naples, Italy in early October that the first flight of the European Space Agency’s Vega four stage launch vehicle which is operated by Arianespace had a telemetry black out during the later stages of the flight …

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FARNBOROUGH: SHORT NOTES – Vega’s lifting power to rise, SSTL and MDA get payload contracts

Enrico Sargesse, Director General of the Italian Space Agency ASI noted in his presentation that Vega’s payload is to be increased to 3-3.5 tonnes.  He foresaw that the launch vehicle would bid to launch small communications satellites heading for geostationary Earth orbit using …

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Vega off the pad!

The European Space Agency got its new small launcher VEGA off the pad on schedule this morning at 1000GMT, or 0600 local time in Kourou, French Guiana.

The launch couldn’t have been pushed back much further – it had been …

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VIDEO: Hyperbola goes to French Guiana

From 8-10 December Hyperbola travelled to French Guiana for the Arianespace Ariane 5 GS launch of the French military’s Helios 2B reconnaissance satellite. Watch this 9min video to get a feel for what these press trips are like and see …

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PICTURE: Zefiro 9 firing


credit Avio caption: Zefiro-9 Vega ‘s thid stage fires successfully

The last engine, the third stage of the new European Vega launcher, Zefiro 9, manufactured by Avio, has completed all the qualification stages and is now ready, says Avio.…

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Avio: Vega’s motors qualify but maiden launch slips to 2010


credit Avio / caption how far is the slip into 2010? 

The qualification and certification phase for the three solid propellant engines for Vega has been passed with flying colours, says Avio’s press release, but it also gives 2010 as …

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